Our Work

This project is an Earlham College Summer 2021 Collaborative Research led by Professor Rajaram Krishnan. 

About Us

Khoa Nguyen

I helped with planning, data/calculations preparation, website design, and supporting others. From this project, I learned more about the VBA tool in Excel and several data analytic packages in Python: Panda, Numpy, and Dash. Most importantly, I have gained valuable teamwork skills such as communicating ideas effectively to people with different backgrounds, integrating my work/workflow with the team in a consistent and timely manner, and respectfully forming constructive comments about others’ work.

Irisa Shrestha

Major: Computer Science
I created the Dynamic DHDI Dashboard using Python and Python packages: Dash, Plotly and Pandas. We wanted to give users the option to choose the year, the indicator and the period over which they want to calculate the DHDI. Therefore, we wanted it to be dynamic, as it wasn’t an option to calculate all the possible DHDI rankings (which would be a lot!). So the dashboard calculates the DHDI in real time taking in the user inputs. Moreover I also worked on a tableau animation chart, HDI and DHDI over the years for 5 countries, and assisted in web development. This project gave me an opportunity to experiment and learn different tools like Dash, Plotly, Tableau and WordPress. I plan to continue learning different Data Analytics tools and hope to get other opportunities in this field.


Donna Tin Sun

I worked mainly on creating the DHDI data visualizations on Tableau, as seen on the DHDI Empirics page and also contributed to web designing and content creation. I am passionate about how we can build a more equitable and prosperous society through and economic development and social justice lens. Working on this project has taught me valuable data visualization, user experience and presentation skills. I am currently pursuing opportunities in the International Development and Public Policy fields.

Stephanie Fallas Barboza

Major: Quantitative Economics & Neuroscience.
I worked on data visualization on Power BI as seen in HDI Data, planning, data preparations, and web design. During this project, I had the opportunity to learn about data visualization, excel functions, web design in WordPress, and even some python and its use in Power Bi. I also gained invaluable communication skills and teamwork skills. Moreover, this project gave me new perspectives into what human development really is and its social, economic, and cultural components. I plan to further explore opportunities in Economical Development and International Cooperation. And continue learning data visualization and analysis.